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Let's start with the review!
Revlon - Matt Balm
7.99 £

Vibrant colours with a Triple Butter Complex give you a bold , beautiful lip!It's a burst of matte colour with a balm-like feel.
*Velvety colour + balm-like moisture.
*Infused with a Triple Butter Complex of shea, mango and coconut butter.
*Retractable chubby crayon , no sharpener required.

n°205 Elusive  

260 Passionate
 My Thoughts :
I really liked and like these two crayons! The are pretty good! 
My favourite is absolutely the fuchsia , not only for the colouration but also for the duration and the comfort on the lip! Another thing that I appreciate about , is the way it makes my lips look , because the crayon moistures my lips really well , so don't show all the irregularities of them(like all the dead skin caused by my dehydrated lips!
The nude one is good too but I noticed that the duration is less than the other one and emphasizes the dead skin on the lips when they are dry(thing that doesn't happen with the fuchsia)

These are the swatches! The colour is harmonious from the first layer!
Obviously if you drink or eat the colours disappear faster but in homogeneous way!
Another thing that I want to add is the smell , I loooove it! Smells like mint for me! I really don't feel the mango, the shea and the coconut butter...bah...maybe the combination of these three seems like mint...mystery of life!

 Watching the packaging I really think that the fuchsia crayon is part of the new 4 colours that came out lately, that's way maybe the result of the product is better!

 These are all the colours! I leave you the link of the REVLON site so you can see better every single one!

Hope you liked my review , again let me know your experience if you tried them!
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