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Today as you can see from the title and the picture I'm going to talk about lip lacquer from +RimmelLondon !
From the top:n°410: Not Guilty
n°550: Play With Fire

Description :
They are kiss proof , transfer proof , food proof high impact endless colour!
They also promise you a no tight feeling and no dry lips!(lips smooth and moisturized all day long!)
Easy removal with Oil based makeup remover!
You can apply them with two steps!
Step1: Apply the colour and keep lips apart for 60 seconds until the product sets!
Step2: Apply the topcoat to lock the colour, moisture and add shine!
You can find them in 10 different colour! Check the Rimmel site to find out what colours! They go from the nude to the pink to the strong one(like the ones that I bought!)
The part of the product have the same applicator (as you can see from the pictures below)

 A classic lip applicator, a little bit harder to apply the product in the right shape!
Under you can see the two swatches! 
On the top: n°550 Play With Fire
Under : n°410 Not Guilty

My Thoughts : 
This are my first lip lacquer so I don't have a comparison!
Of course they don't stay 16 hours on the lip without a re-touch during the day, and you have to moisture the lip before the application,like every lip lacquer!
After 2/3 hours you can start to feel the lip tight! So it starts to be uncomfortable! But you can fix the problem apply again the clear part(Step 2)!
I ate with it on and the product was steel there at the end of the meal, but they are not totally No Transfer when I dried my lip after I've eaten I saw product on the tissue!
The red one is more difficult to apply, because the colour on the first layer is not homogeneous , so you have to apply it at least two times!
I remove it with a waterproof makeup remover and it is not so easy,I'll try the oil one!
at the end of the day I always saw my lips really dry and in the inner part of the lips the product disappeared, so I didn't like this aspect! 
I don't know girls , I like them ,the "purple"one more ,but I don't like the fact that after 2/3 hours you start to feel the lips tight!! I know in shops there are other products that don't dry the lip like them!

Do you try them? what are you thoughts?
I hope this review was helpful!
Xo Chiara

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