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Like promised I'm back today with another review!
The Rimmel- Stay Matte Powder !
Up to 5 hours natural shine control with natural minerals.
Helps minimise the appearance of pores.
Dermatologically tested!

My Thoughts :
Well I've got different opinions on this product! Because yes it control the shine on my face but only for(more or less) an hour!
I tried in different ways , first I used a cheap foundation , second I applied a good ones and third I used different ways to apply the powder one with the brush and the other with a powder sponge!
But in every of these attempts the product , especially in my T zone , after an hour was completely disappeared and my skin started to shine again!
Another thing when I sweated the shines appeared again even I've had just applied the product!
Unfortunately, for me this product is a big NO!
I'll continue to use it ,to finish it, but I'll be really careful to re-apply the product during the day!
ps:I've got pretty normal skin that tends to dry under the eye and tends to shine in the T zone(forehead , nose , chin)
So if you have this kind of skin I don't recommend it!

But remember this my personal experience so maybe on your skin it'll work differently!
I wanna know all your opinion if you tried this product!
Every recommendation on another drug-store powders will be happily accepted!
Big Kisses
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  1. I wrote a post on this product too....come if you want to read it! :)


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