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Hello Beautiful!
how are you?
Today I'm going to talk about a product that is not affordable but I think is really important for a lot of you how amazing it is!
Hydra Beauty , Gel Yeux - Chanel
It comforts , softens and smoothes the eye contour. It gently beautifies the eyes.
The skincare step that beautifies and moisturises the eye contour. It combats puffiness and dark circles.It energises and smoothes the eye contour, while gently making the eyes sparkles.
Its melting gel texture delivers comfort and sensation of freshness.
Apply to the eye contour in the morning or in the evening , delicately patting with fingertips.Bled in with circular movements , starting from the inner lower corner of the eye to the outer corner!
It is Ideal to use before make-up.

My Thoughts :
It is not a product that I personally used but my mother is using it!
And it is AMAZING!!!!!
I bought it for my mother because I've noticed that her under eye zone was really puffy and her eye always looked tired!
Before this +CHANEL product I've purchased other that didn't work at all , I was literally tired to try a new product every time so I was like : "Chanel you are my last one you better work!!!!"
Hopefully worked!
After a couple of days my mum's under eye area was more flat, the puffiness was disappearing!
She used to have really big bags under her eyes and now they are gone!
She applies the product every morning like a taught her with circular motion from the inner corner to the outer!
She says that is really comfortable and fresh and easy to apply , because she is not a beauty woman she doesn't like beauty products , she only use a soap to wash her face a cream(that I bought her) and stop!So another thing that I was looking for on an under eye product was the easy applying!
The only "bad" thing is the price! Unfortunately is a little bit expensive, but it worth all the money!
So if you have under eye bags and dark circle this product is spectacular! 
Hydrate the area in an incredible way!

Hope you liked this review and as always found it helpful!
Let me know if you tried this product or if you have an affordable one to suggest me fro my mother! 
Lots Of Love

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