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Good Evening every body!!!
How are you?
Sorry that the other week I didn't post anything, but I moved house so was pretty busy!! :)
Finally I've got my own apartment(room) and I can be more on my blog and Youtube Channels!
Today as you could see from the title (and from the picture ahah) I'm going to talk about this eye brow kit from +RimmelLondon !

Description :
Sculpt the perfect photo-ready, high impact eyebrow!
-2 easy steps: apply wax to shape and fix , layer powder to set
-Comes with pro brushes to precise application
-long lasting formula feels lightweight and comfortable all day long!

My Thoughts :
At the beginning , I want to be sincere with you I've used this kit in the wrong way,you can see it(I think) in one of my video on my Youtube channel!
Yes I've used in the wrong way because first I used the powder and after the wax , and I want to tell you I liked this way of application! But after I read the "instructions" on the internet I fell in love with their suggested application! As you saw in the description the best way to use this kit is to use first the wax and after the powder!
These steps make you eyebrow look natural and set them all day long!!
another beautiful thing about this eyebrow is the price...really affordable!!! Unfortunately the range of colour is not so good!!you can find them in 2 combo dark brown or medium brown! 
I took the dark brown because I've dark eyebrow and this colour fits me really well but I think that the medium brown is too dark for a lot of girls , especially for blond girls!

In conclusion this is an amazing product ...super suggested , the only bad thing that I can say about it is the range of colour! that's it!

Girls and boys hope you liked and found my review helpful! As always let me know if you tried this eyebrow kit and what are you thoughts!
Lots Of Love!

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