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Hello beautiful!!! Here another review on my blog!
Today , finally I want to add, I can do my thoughts on this most known product by +Maybelline UK !
Instant Anti-Age Concealer : Maybelline
Meet the next generation of concealer with benefits to improve the apperance of the skin.
Coloured pigments perfect for the under-eye area, covering flawlessly. Bye Bye dark circle and fine lines.
The formula , enriched with Goji Berry , helps care for the eye area by hydrating , while covering.
Apply with incorporated sponge applicator under the eye area and pat dry.Use with or without foundation.

My Thoughts :
Girls I love it! It's my concealer of the moment!
Stay all day under the eye without drying or going in the crease!
After applying it I ALWAYS fit it with powder and I didn't have any problems!
Perfectly match with my under eye-area colour , so if I use it only on that area I don't need a a foundation to cover the discolorations between the concealer and my skin tone! But if I use it on my face, on every spots that I've got, its to dark(warmer) so I have to use the foundation too! And it's right, if you think about it, the under eye-area, in most of the case ,is colder (I'm talking about the colour!) so you need a warmer colour to correct the discoloration!
The only thing that I don't like is the applicator I think is not too hygienic! But its my opinion for the rest is a good applicator! maybe they should do it in a way that you can remove it and clean it!

Really affordable!

It's a good concealer!It passed the Chiara's text! XP

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Hope that you found this review helpful and let me know what was your experience!
Lots Of Love

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  1. Looks like a really great product! Thanks for sharing :)

    xo Azu

    1. thank you so much! I'm really happy you liked my review!

  2. Adoro questo correttore!!! Uno l'ho quasi terminato ma ne ho un altro di riserva :)

    1. si mi piace un sacco! davvero un ottimo prodotto ad un prezzo eccezzionale! :)


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