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Happy Monday Girls!
I know Monday is always a bad day and the weather today is not helping at all! Cloudy , cold and windy!
So Today I going to talk about this shower cream from +Dove UK  to chill a little bit with!   

Description :
Dove Talco envelops you in a relaxing perfume of Talc , while helps to maintain the skin's natural level of hydration, thanks to a special moisturize cream formula.
For a special , serenity and relaxing moment!
My Thoughts :
I loved so much the smell! Super Relaxing and stayed on the skin for a lot of time!
Loved it!
Unfortunately I didn't find it again in Italy but next time that I'll go to the market I want try to find them here in England!
I used it with a little bit of product in the bath ,letting him made the foam in the water and after using it on a sponge to clean myself properly!

So Guys if you like the smell of talc let give it a try!
I loved it!
Hope you found this review helpful!
Let me know if you tried and what are your thoughts!
Big Hugs!
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