venerdì 6 novembre 2015

Review : Nail Polish Remover - Essence | ThePurrrfectMakeUp

Hello beautiful! I'm so Sorry for Wednesday but I'm in searching-house mood so I was in London looking for a house!
Today it's a review of this nail polish remover from Essence!

Specially developed ultra strong acetone-free nail polish remover which ensures your nail art decoration and intensive colours come off quickly and easily.Whit white effect for stained nail, suitable for artificial nails , with delicate fragrance! 
My Thoughts :
It's a good cheap nail polish remover!It's good to remove glitter and difficult colours on the nails!
As you probably know I don't do particular things on my nails, my most "crazy" thing are the glitter on the top!So if you are like me this is a good product!
I'm not so sure about the smell , I didn't feel any particular fragrance but the smell wasn't so bad!
I noticed the white effect...amazing! You could see you nail really white!
So Cheap and Good! I'll buy it again!

Guys hope ,as always , you found my review helpful!!! 
Lots of Love

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