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Hello girls!!! How you doing?
Yesterday I've decided that I wanna do a Blog post every Monday,Wednesday ans Friday and if I can every weekend a new video on my two +YouTube channel! For the blogpost i'm sure that I can do it...for the videos I really hope to have time to do and edit! 
but don't waste our time and lets talk about this product!
Stick Blush -Jafra
I've bought this Stick a lot of time ago(a couple of year if I remember well) but I notice that I have never done a here it is!
My Thoughts :
This product was a limited edition during the summer of 2013 or 2014 sorry I can't remember properly the period! But I wanna steal do this review because maybe in the future Jafra will sell it again and I think this will help you if you'll want to buy it or not!
My thoughts for this product are not going in the same direction , let me explain why...First thing I like the idea of a stick blush because they are really good to bring with you during the day or during the holiday , second I like the little gold shimmer that ,this colour in particular, gave to my cheeks but unfortunately it was really difficult to apply because if I didn't blend it well the product on cheeks wasn't homogeneous but at the same time the colour it was really difficult for me to apply the right amount of colour and blend it well without making disappear the product!
Another thing that I didn't like it was the duration...after a couple of hour the product started to run away(ahah) from my face! 
In conclusion I like the colour and gold sparkling but the application was a little nightmare and the duration wasn't good!

Let me know if you tried and what was your experience!

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