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Good Evening girls!
How you doing?
I'm fine , there is a big new in my life...yeah....I moved to England to find a job and improve my knowledge and follow my dream! Wish me good look I really need it!
But lets start about this product! :D

Description :
Want Bolder?bigger?no limits for your lashes!
Our first double curved stem is designed to deposit an extra shoot of volume on to the super size brush, 20x Collagene Boost. A colossal Charged look!
Lashes look supercharged.No clump formula.
How to apply:
Sweep from root to tip until a full colossal charged look is achieved. 

My Thoughts :
Sorry +Maybelline NY  I really enjoy a lot of your products but this one for me is a failure!
I really didn't like it! I've tried but nothing!
My lashes weren't volumized at all on the contrary I didn't see any changes! They looked like I didn't apply anything on them!
I've tried and I'm trying others +MaybellineNYUK and I really loved and love them!

Hope you found this review helpful,to choose the right mascara! If you tried please let me know your experience!
See you in my next post!
Love you!
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  1. Good luck on pursuing your dream! :)

    And thanks for doing this review. The mascara looked promising...but I'm glad I read this. It's a bummer it didn't work out.

    xo Azu

    1. thank you so much for your lovely comment! I'm really happy that you found my review helpful!
      Xo Chiara

  2. ciao!!!
    ti ho scoperta solo adesso...e mi piacciono un sacco le tue recensioni, nuove e un pò diverse dalle solite!
    Ora mi leggo un pò del tuo Blog! Complimenti!
    Passa a trovarmi e se ti va sono agli inizi, ho solo da imparare!
    un bacio

    1. ti ringrazio cara! spero che le mie review continuino a piacerti! farò un salto volentieri da te! se ti va alla fine del post ci sono i link ai miei profili se ti va di seguirmi anche li!! un bacione


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