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Good evening guys! 
Sorry for the late, but today I was really busy! I did shopping for work and I love doing shopping for work,today for the first time I bought Mac product! so amazing! When I'll be able I'll do a little Mac haul with a little review!
Today I'm talking about the Brush Egg!  

Description :
The BrushEgg is used to help with the deep cleaning process of makeup brushes.It is compact , quick , easy , affordable and Effective! Reduces the use of the Brush Cleaning Solution (which dries out bristles).
Smaller knobs on top used for Foaming & Lathering , Groves on bottom used to agitate bristles just enough to release product.
The smaller knob are also ideal for smaller brush, for extra gentle lathering and releasing of dried on products.(waterproof mascara and eyeliner)
You can find it in pink , mint and purple!
It's a surprise!

My Thoughts :
I've bought this product a lot of time ago on an Italian site unfortunately I can't remember which one! sorry!
At the time I was really curios of the gloves from +Sigma Beauty but watching the price(was too expensive but just because I've had already bought a lot of stuff in the site), I decide to buy this little egg, attracted by the colour and the shape!
Well...I fell in love with it! 
It's really easy to use ,it is small but easy to hold!
The fact that is small for me is a plus because you can bring it with you every time you want (on vacation or at work if you are a makeup artist).
Even if it is small you can clean properly all your brushes (big and small)!
and like the description says if you use this product with your favourite shampoo  or makeup cleanser the brushes will thank you because it will reduce the dried of the bristles!
I use the egg once a month to clean deeply my brushes!(every time I use the brushes I wash them with cleanser that dry quickly...don't worry!)
So if you wanna safe money and space, buy this one instead of the glove you can do it with no problem!! It is really a good product! 

Hope you liked this review! let me know in the comment!
Have a beautiful weekend!

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