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Hello Hello!!!
How are you?
Tomorrow is gonna be October!!! wow! Looks like yesterday that summer started!
Today I want to talk to you about this product for the hair!
Description :
This product revitalizes and restructures damaged , arid and stressed hair!
Restores force and softness!
How to Use it:
1)To Force :
a)Apply few drops on dry hair before the shampoo 
b)Rub the product on the tips and gently massage it on the head
c)Leave it for an half of hour
d)Proceed with the shampooing 
2)To Restructures :
 a)Apply a few drop on wet hair after the shampoo
b)Massage gently
c)Dry the hair.
100% Natural.

My Thoughts: 
I've really hated this product , I didn't find my hair restored at all and after the drying my hair looked really dirty and wet! (the wet that makes your hair looks dirty!) 
I've bought this product in a period that my head was really damaged and I've hoped that this product would help me to solve it!(I discovered after that,my hair/head problem was an hormones problem!)
Unfortunately it didn't and made it! The product made everything even worst!
So don't buy it! My Experience was horrible!

Hope you found this review helpful , did you try this product? let me know what was your experience!


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