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Hello beautiful and hello autumn!!! I can't believe that summer is ended! OMG!
I moved to England so unfortunately for a bit you wont see a video on my Youtbe channel , I need to fix all my stuff and buy new facility for the camera because in the travel bag didn't fixed!!But today I've got another review for you! 

Description :

Soft foam , also under the shower.
Formulated with delicate vegetable base and enriched with sweet almonds oil, for a soft foam delicate and for a moisturizing and emollient effect on your skin. Finely scented with Viola. Ideal for adult , children and persons who are sensible to chemicals  tensoattivi!
Dermatological tested and tested for heavy metals!

My Thoughts :
I literally hated this product! The smell at the begging was good but after 2/3 time that I used it the small makes me nauseate! I didn't feel the skin softer and moisturized at all and it didn't make any foam!
For me is an absolute NO! 

Hope you liked this review and found it helpful!
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