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Hello beautiful!!
Today I wanna talk to you about this amazing professional pedicure roll by Scholl !
It's my summer savior!! :D

Description :

It's a professional roll for pedicure that with its micro-abrasive particles kindly removes hardened and calloused 's areas of the feet leaving your skin smooth and soft !
Easy to use and you will instantly feeling well, you only have to go through with it on the areas that need help!
Use on dry skin and stay on the zone only for 3/4 minutes!

My Thoughts :
This product really makes my summer! I use it in the winter too but not frequently like I do during the summer!
My feet are really soft and smooth and they look really good too!!! After it I use a foot cream to make the soft effect stay longer!
I really really like this product because it's really easy to use! You can only torn on the the roll and the game is done!!!! ;D

Hope you liked this post and found it helpful !!!
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