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Hello Beautiful! I'm Back!
How are you?
I took a little holiday (only two weeks on mountain) and I was ill all the time!!! Perfect obviously! 
But anyway lets talk about this gel liner from +L'Oréal !
L'oreal Gel Liner
13.90 €
In the packaging you can find a gel liner and an eye liner brush!

Description :

Intense line, dramatic eye look , 24 wear , waterproof , quick dry formula and ultra-comfort!
Precise brush , easy line , thin to thick line.

My Thoughts:
I really like this gel liner it stays all the time in place!!! amazing!!
I really prefer it to my old favourite one that was the gel liner from Essence!
I decided to bought a new gel liner because I've lost the Essence one so I really needed a new one, and let me tell you this so much is better!!!
It's not a quick dry formula like they said, you have to let it dries a little bit on your hands and than apply on your lid , if you don't do it you risk to stain all your eye make-up!
But if you stay careful with that is a really good gel liner! Waterproof and log wear!!
Super advised!     
The brush is a good one but I'm not really into it! I prefer thinner ones so I can really recreate the line shape that I desire!
With this one I can't make thin line, but if you used to wear a "big" eye liner line is really good!
It's a really beautiful mat black!!!

Hope you liked and found this review helpful!
Did you try it? Let me know!

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