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Today review about these two products!
Cream Description :
A specific treatment for feet and heels that don't make greasy, formulated with ingredients that penetrate deeply in the skin and cure damages and chapped skin!
With Cocoa Butter and Karité Butter to restore the natural healthy of the feet!
Natural extracts help to moisturize and soothe the skin!
My Thoughts :
The real problem about this cream is that you have to use every day to see results and I'm not good with this stuff!!! ahaha I can only use it at least twice a week and I can't see results!
When you at first put the cream on you can actually see that your skin is smooth and soft but the day after it is all over again , the skin in dry again!
Another thing that annoying me is that is pretty oily and takes a lot too dry and I really hate this kind of cream...REALLY!!!!
So I use only a little amount of product to let it dry quickly!!
Is a good cream only for one day , to make the result rest more you have to apply it every single day and I'm not sure that when you'll stop apply it the result is good! I apply it only when I use sandals!

Spray Description :
Refreshing spray - gel that softens the skin and gives energy to feet and legs!
With natural oils, The tree extract and Farnesol that fight against bacteria that cause smelly feet!!!
My Thoughts :
I like this product is really refreshing and gives my feet and legs energy!
It has a nice smell to!!
During these hot days is really saviour for you legs and feet!

Hope you liked this review and found it help full!
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