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Hello beautiful! 
Today I'm going to talk about a few empties products that I've finished a long time ago and I've completely forgot to post! Actually I've tried to make a video but unfortunately the video was horrible with missed parts so at the end I didn't edit it!! :D
But I've made the photos (lost in these days) and today I discovered them again so lets talk about the products!

Palmolive Naturals (strawberry flowers and Hydrating milk)
I used it for a long time! But it's not a special product!
You can feel the smell on your skin only at the beginning  after an hour is gone!
And I don't really feel the smoothing pleasure that promises! 
I'm trying other stuff!

Sunsilk Shampoo and Balm (For curly hair)
They curls that they made are good but not exceptional!
The thing that I don't really like about this two products is that they don't wash really well the hair and after the drying I feel the hair really heavy!
I tried the Pantene one I prefer them!

Jafra : Make up remover (for eyes and lips)
It's a good make up remover and I loved used it!
It leaves the skin a little bit sticky but for me wasn't a problem because after I always washed my face!

From the top:
Soft and with oil extract cotton disk! they are duble-face one part has a "drawing" so it more "strong"
the other one is softer! I really don't like the softest part at all , it looses a lot of cotton and it's a thing that i really hate! But the other is good!
I really hated this cotton dicks! Too thin so you can't use it in anyways!!!
Fresh & Clean
Nothing special they are really simple cotton disk with all the problems that normal cotton disks have!!!

Hope you liked my post and found it helpful!
Did you use this products?and what was your experience?
let me know!



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