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Hello beautiful!
Another review is up! :D
10.50 €
(the big one)
Description :
To remove your makeup gently , choose this cleanser that completely remove you makeup of your face and eyes!
Formulated with oats and macadamia oil and beneficial property and glycerin that help to maintain hydration on your skin! Your skin is going to be cleansed and soft!

My Experience :
It's a really nice product that really softened your skin after using it! Is not really good for removing the make up! It removes the "normal" make up but after you should use another remover to complete the cleanness! it doesn't work really well with waterproof products!
The plus is that the skin is really soft so if you don't mind that you have to stay a little bit more on the cleansing you will love this product!!!

This one in the picture is the oldest version! They made another one with a new formula! (the formula in the description) I've tried to new one and the effect are the same!

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