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Ciao Fanciulle e Fanciulli!!! Mi sto buttando nell'inglese , perchè mi piace e per raggiungere un pubblico più vasto , spero di ceffare troppo!!! Kisses

Today i'm gonna talk ,for the first time, about the +realtechniques 's brush! 
First brush that I wanna talk about is the famous Blush Brush!

Description :
Their Blush is hand-cut to contour and define cheeks for flawlessly blended , high definition results :

  • look pixel perfect even in harsh light
  • ultra plush bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty free
  • self standing for easy storage
  • extended aluminium handle is light and easy to use!
My Experience:
I wasn't really impressed with this brush! I love the fact that is really light and fluffy(bristle are really soft OMG!) but I think that the top are too big for every kind of face! You really have to be careful with the strength during the application or you could put the blush everywhere on your face and not only on your cheeks!!
Apart from that , if you can use the right power during the application it's a good blush!

I'm trying other Real Tecniques brush and my first impression is really good! I'll talk later about them!!!!

Hope you liked the post and the review! Hope I was good with my English too... eheheh but I'm working on it! I really need practice!!

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  1. Ho anche io questo pennello... mi piace per i blush in polvere ma non per quelli liquidi o in crema perché trovo che le setole siano troppo morbide per riuscire a sfumarli per bene!

    1. si è un buon pennello ma non mi impazzire!!! hai ragione è adatto principalmente per prodotti in polvere, troppo morbido per prodotti in crema o liquidi!


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